‘Titans’ Set Photos Reveal New Looks for Raven and Blackfire

You don’t have to know much about Titans to know that a few fans have been frustrated with the translation of comic to live-action for the show’s entire existence. This makes a set photo of Raven and Blackfire especially exciting for those who love both sides of the franchise.

Twitter user Dewucme uploaded a set photo of Teagan Croft and Damaris Lewis (Raven and Blackfire) in the last week. Both actresses are posing casually out of the scene but are in full costume.

The show-makers have definitely heard past fan complaints and responded through the costume design. Fans wanted to see more comic accurate costumes and they got it.

Raven (Croft) seems to be wearing her iconic full-length cloak. Sadly, it is not entirely clear from the photo if she will wear the iconic cowl her character is known for. Based on what’s been revealed so far, we’re pretty certain the hood will be back in action.

Blackfire (Lewis) also seems to be look very comics accurate. Bringing comic book costumes to life can be a daunting if not impossible task for many designers. Despite this, we’re excited to see all the small details that have made their way into Blackfire’s costume!

Raven and Blackfire are not the only characters to have a costume revival for the new season, but other than some sneak peeks at Starfire and Red Hood’s new looks, we aren’t sure what else could be different visually in the show! The changes so far revealed to the characters’ costumes are more than satisfactory, however.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming season, read this exciting article by DKN’s Adam Poncharoen​sub, and keep up with Dark Knight News for more information!

Season 3 of Titans will premiere on HBO Max in the US in August

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