Damian Wayne Seeks A New Destiny In Robin #1 On Sale April 27

After the events in pre-Death Metal issues of Teen Titans, my faith in Damian Wayne has been shaken. Seeing him in his own stories again, and knowing that he’s getting his own title this month, is making me a little more hopeful.

Joshua Williamson is one of DC’s best writers, and the fact that he wrote the two great prologues to his forthcoming ongoing Robin book, has me excited. When you see which character (and fellow superhero offspring) he’ll be facing in the Lazarus Tournament, I’m sure you’ll be as eager as I am.

Damian Wayne Seeks His Own Destiny in
Robin #1 on April 27
New Characters Flatline and ReSpawn Debut!

Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov’s first story arc
kicks off with a fight-to-the-death Lazarus Tournament
reuniting Damian Wayne, Rose Wilson and
Connor Hawke on Lazarus Island!

Now that Damian Wayne has severed his ties to both Batman and the Teen Titans, he’ll be emerging from under their shadows to forge his own path, courtesy of writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Future State: Justice LeagueInfinite Frontier) and artist Gleb Melnikov (Wonder WomanBatman/Superman Annual) in an all-new ongoing series! Debuting on Tuesday, April 27, Robin will feature new mysteries for Damian to explore, a new supporting cast including Rose Wilson and Connor Hawke, brand new characters Flatline and ReSpawn, and fights – lots of fights!

“Being a big fan of Damian Wayne, I’m really excited about getting him back on a hero’s journey.” said Williamson. “Gleb is the perfect artist to tell this story as we show readers Damian’s growth, in a new adventure that navigates his legacy, his connections to Batman, Talia Al Ghul and kicks off an important story in the DC Universe.”


After learning of the deadly League of Lazarus tournament, Damian Wayne has a new mission: to win the tournament and prove he is the greatest fighter in the DC Universe! But first he must find the secret island where the tournament is being held!


Featuring a main and wraparound variant covers by Melnikov, a team-themed card stock variant cover by Andy Kubert and a 1 in 25 variant cover by Riccardo Federici, Robin is a can’t-miss look at the next phase of Damian Wayne’s hero’s journey.

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Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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