Sideshow Releases Jason Fabok ‘Detective Comics’ #1000 Batman Statue

Sideshow Collectibles has released images of their Batman statue, based on the Jason Fabok variant cover to Detective Comics #1000.

This gorgeous statue is features the classic yellow, oval chest logo, and the Batman ’89-style utility belt. As a bonus, it also comes with two interchangeable heads: one looking up and the other looking down, as he’s undoubtedly spotted a suspicious looking criminal.

The manufacturer, Prime 1 Studio, has created this statue using polystone. The material gives it the look and heft of stone, but is mixed with resin to reduce the chance of breakage. This beast of a piece comes in at a whooping 41 inches tall, and weighs 49 pounds. That’s a lot of Batman!

The collector version  of the statue goes for $1,249.

Check out this beauty in our gallery below.

Jason Fabok Deluxe Batman Statue

For those with even deeper pocketbooks, there’s a deluxe edition of the statue too. The deluxe version has two additional head variants that are also swappable. One is looking to the looking to the to the right, with the mouth slightly agape. The other is looking slightly to the left with 5 o’clock shadow stubble, to depict an especially-grizzled Dark Knight.

What’s even cooler is that you can swap out the Bat-logo. If you’re like me, then you could keep the yellow Bat-oval look. However, if you prefer the more modern tone, then you can also swap it out for the big, oval-less Bat-logo with gold trim.

The deluxe statue will set you back even more than the regular collector’s version, as it goes for $1,449.

Look at all the varieties you can pick from with the deluxe version:

Both statues are currently on pre-order. You can reserve yours by clicking here and here. However, you have to wait a while before displaying these in your room. The statues are not set to arrive until sometime between August 2022-January 2023.


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