‘Justice League’ Teasers Torture Fans on Twitter

As of this posting, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is within 10 days of its release, and the internet has been wild with theories and excitement.

As a result, the film’s Twitter account has been releasing daily teasers featuring the heroes to entice fans. This article will link each one and break down key points for each character.


First to be released was the teaser trailer for The Caped Crusader.

Most of Batman’s clip features voice overs from various characters, including some of Bruce Wayne’s most well-known allies, sidekicks, and villains. The camera pans over a view of Batman standing atop his Bat Tank before cutting. Then, as Superman helps him stand, Bruce’s voice intones:

I spent a lot of time trying to divide us. I need to bring us together… Make this right.

Batman is clearly referencing his actions of the past, when he turned against Superman. This clip, however, showing The Man of Steel helping Bruce Wayne to rise, clearly shows the new direction and aim of Batman’s mission. Additionally, the Dark knight’s shown with the rest of the Justice League heroes, standing in the middle. This obviously establishes Batman as the clear leader of the group, and demonstrates that he’ll take responsibility for the League’s actions in the film to come.


The Kryptonian’s teaser followed the Bat’s.

Superman’s teaser is set up similarly to Batman’s, showing a continuing theme in the establishment of each character’s arc in this new cut of Justice League. Superman’s shown walking down a hallway surrounded by different versions of his super suit floating about. Again, voice overs from significant characters in Clark Kent’s story play over this intense walk, with a final quote from Jor-El as the screen cuts off. Superman emerges from the darkness in a new suit with different colors before flying off alone.

Superman/Clark Kent:

They wanted me back for a reason. I need to find out why.

These words ring ominously. This film is meant to be about the Justice League, but with the previous DCU movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, ending in such a tragic way, it’s not surprising that Clark Kent would feel like an outsider to the group.

It will be fascinating to see how Zach Snyder approaches this version of Superman and reintroduces him to the League and fans.


Next up for teasers featured Aquaman as the lead character of discussion.

As with the other clips, Aquaman’s shown with a series of voiceovers. Arthur Curry is shown swimming through the sea in his merman form while confronting the statue of another underwater king (Atlan? Poseidon?). The teaser cuts abruptly as Aquaman says:

This is a bad idea.

Suddenly, we see Arthur flipping into battle mode in a giant sewer, slamming his trident down to stop a wall of water with a grimace.

Although audiences have seen quite a bit of Aquaman’s life in the 2018 film named after the hero, Justice League (2017) takes place before the events of the Aquaman solo movie. Snyder’s version of the story could drastically change the already described Arthur Curry. This new cut of Justice League could also alter the direction of 2022’s sequel film.

All that can be truly said, however, is that Aquaman definitely appears to embrace his mother’s trident, and the mantle of Atlantis he’s likely to take up.

The Flash

The fourth teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League highlighted The Flash.

The Fastest Man Alive’s teaser began differently to those of his fellow Justice League members. Barry Allen is shown, as ever, in motion. As Bruce Wayne’s voice resounds with a call to action, a shot of Barry bursting out of his shoes to save a woman in a car accident plays. Lightning sparks and strikes the ground and lampposts as The Flash runs. Barry’s father’s voice plays over his sprinting dash.

The Flash’s teaser does not reveal a whole lot about any differences in his journey in Snyder’s cut of Justice League. It does seem based on the selected quotes used in the teaser however that Barry’s journey will be about his individuality and attempts to become a full-fledged hero in his own right. This teaser also did not provide much new content or anything super mysterious.

What was revealed is that Barry will be faster than he’s ever been. The Flash will also still be the same straightforward and loveable dork that we’ve always known and loved.

Wonder Woman

March 8th was International Women’s Day. The press team for Zack Snyder’s Justice League decided this was also the perfect day to drop the teaser featuring Wonder Woman (we agree!)

Wonder Woman’s teaser starts with her gazing in wonder, or shock, at something unseen by the audience. The title cut then shows a panning shot of Diana, twisting an arrow between her fingers as she gazes out over a Greek sea. After another quote spoken over a dark screen, Wonder Woman leaps into action.

Diana, armed with her sword and shield, is shown with Aquaman and Cyborg. The trio of heroes challenge Steppenwolf, the main villain of Justice League‘s theatrical cut. When Wonder Woman’s sword meets Steppenwolf’s weapon, golden lightning bursts out. The teaser quickly cuts to the title screen to prevent the audience from seeing too much more.

The voices playing over Diana’s teaser while she stands at a height implies the grandness of her mission in the Snyder cut of Justice League. Batman is commonly seen as the leader of the team. However, Wonder Woman undoubtedly works in the background to provide support, and wisdom from her own experiences.

The battles ahead of the Justice League will be difficult for all the heroes, and the lens of Diana’s teaser shows how noble and personal this mission will once again be for her.


The last of the teaser trailers gave us Cyborg.

Cyborg’s teaser started with the hero seeing numbers, mathematical figures, and 3-D blueprints floating before his eyes. After the title cut, Victor’s shown as he was before he gained cyber components, glancing back at his family while surrounded by destruction and apocalyptic storms. As the camera pans over Cyborg’s family from behind, Cyborg is revealed in his full form.

After a cut, Victor Stone then blasts off into the air from a cemetery. As he soars through the sky, the helmet pieces of his armor enclose around his face. Victor’s chest armor glows red as he flies in a loop before the full moon.

Once again, we’re shown that Cyborg is still haunted by his past. Interestingly, we see multiple graves after being the shot of Victor’s family. Will the Snyder cut have an altered back story for Cyborg?

Additionally, Cyborg’s teaser is the only one to mention a “box” in the voiceovers. This is obviously important to Victor’s back story, but what could this entail for the rest of the Justice League? Finally, Cyborg’s solo flight at the end of the teaser highlights his lonely path. Through the Justice League though, we should see him try to reintegrate into society and take up his mantle as a hero.

Final Thoughts

These Twitter teasers have been nearly textbook definition teasing. Zack Snyder’s Justice League keeps getting juicier and juicier as more content is revealed. While fans have been given quite a few glimpses into what Snyder has planned for the team, there are still many more questions than answers when it comes to the overall storyline for the film.

Each hero will have their own clear purpose, as hinted by the teasers, but their overall journey will still be in saving the world and bringing the Justice League together. As difficult as it may be, audiences will just have to continue to wait on the edge of their seats for the answers they seek.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be available for streaming on HBO Max starting March 18th.

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