The Snyder Cut Mother Box Contents Revealed

Wonderland-at-home is revealing what will be in Their Mother Box

Just last week I wrote about The Mother Box dining experience, to coincide with the release of The Snyder Cut. While the immersive in-dining experience at Park Row may be delayed, the contents of The Mother Box are slowly being revealed. However, this isn’t happening in any kind of traditional way.

Instead of a professional photograph, the first courses were revealed via a sketch drawing, reminiscent of a blueprint.

As io9 reported, it’s silly to call the Ocean Trench “Aquaman inspired” – unless there’s something the sketch doesn’t show, by this nature all seafood is “Aquaman inspired”. Though I will say, it does sound good! I do wish that instead of a slow reveal, they’d show pictures of the actual food, to get a feel for what I could be potentially eating… but, I digress.

When our own John Hammond spoke to Wonderland founder, James Bulmer, they spoke of the immersive experience Park Row could offer. Once we look beyond this first course, it seems like that full & fun immersion begins with their at-home experience.

In a Flash

When I hear “Big Belly Burger”, I instantly think of The Flash. Nothing special even needs to be done with the food itself, as long as it’s packaged in appropriate branding. This course also feels like one that most people can easily picture (even without the blueprint sketches) – we’ve all at least seen a burger.

Wonderland’s Twitter hasn’t officially revealed anything else at the time of this writing, but their website has some more details about the rest of the contents of The Mother Box. Sticking with items connected to The Flash, Jitter’s Coffee will also be included. The website describes it as “Cold brew coffee in a can, served in a flash”. And the last thing that has an official preview is Koul Brau Beer. This is a brand of beer straight from the comics, as the description implies: “Two beers straight out the DC universe exclusively brewed for Wonderland At Home”.

Three mysterious courses

The Snyder Cut tie-in will also include three more items that only have hints at what they could be. First up is Resurrection, which if the name wasn’t a dead ringer for a Superman inspired course, the description “Inspired by the cornfields of Smallville” sure is. Wonderland did post a preview of the dish being made on their Twitter.

An educated guess is pointing towards a side dish of cornbread or something similar. The next dish, Ancient Themysciran Fire is clearly a nod to Wonder Woman, but the current description doesn’t seem to offer any clues what this could be: “Men won’t know what it means… but she will”.

The final dish, called Snacks and Extras, doesn’t have a helpful name. However, its description leads us to believe it’s inspired by the Dark Knight himself: “There isn’t much justice in this world. Perhaps that’s why it’s so satisfying to occasionally make some”. Once again, Wonderland’s Twitter did post a sneak peek of the Batman-inspired course, asking for anyone’s guess as to what it could be:

As this is likely a desert of some sort, a guess would be some sort of dark chocolate-based sweets. With The Snyder Cut release just over a month away, and these meal boxes beginning to ship in April, we’re bound to find out the official contents of these boxes in the next few weeks.

Cost and where The Mother Box will ship

More importantly, it is now known that boxes can be bought as a “Box for Two” or a “Box for Four”, starting at $130 and will ship to the US and UK. What do you think of the contents of The Mother Box meals thus far? Will you be ordering? Let us know in the comments below!

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