DC FanDome: Suicide Squad Video Game Name Confirmed, WB Games Montreal Reveal Scheduled

Article by Adam Poncharoensub

If you have a DC fan in your life, I wouldn’t suggest planning anything on Saturday, August 22. Like myself, they’ll likely be tethered to their computers watching people speak on virtual panels all day. It’s going to be DC’s own personal virtual comic-con; encompassing movies, TV, and video games. It’s that last department that we’re taking particular notice of for this article. DC fans haven’t had a great mainline game since 2017. Well, that’s changing next Saturday. We’re about about to learn more about the Suicide Squad video game and a new title from WB Games Montreal.

Last week, Rocksteady Studios, the developers who brought us the groundbreaking Batman: Arkham series, shook the world with the official announcement of a new game. While it wasn’t a Batman game, it was something even bigger. It’s a Suicide Squad video game. The first official reveal showed us a photo of Superman from the back, shrouded in shadow, with a cross-hair forming the words “Suicide Squad” aimed at his head. At the time, it was known only as the Suicide Squad game.

Kill The Justice League?

A couple days ago, DC FanDome revealed the schedule for their upcoming virtual event and with that, we were treated to the official title of the Suicide Squad video game. With a change of their Facebook page, we now know the full title is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Taking a look at the schedule, we’ll be able to learn more about this game at 8:10PM EST on August 22.

While it doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination, that simple, straightforward title is enough to get most DC fans incredibly excited. My guess is it will be a fairly expansive game featuring a roster of 4-5 members of Task Force X assigned to assassinate one member of the JL each. I anticipate that gameplay will allow for players to use one member at a time. However, my hopes is that Rocksteady will be able to create another groundbreaking combat system that’ll allow us to use all members of the Skwad simultaneously.

But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, WB Games Montreal, the devs known for Batman: Arkham Origins, have been working on a new game for quite some time. In January 2019, concept art featuring the Court of Owls leaked onto Reddit lighting unextinguishable flames on the Internet. Are we going to get a game with our Dark Knight facing the Court of Owls? We can dream, right? Well, we’ll soon find out.

Taking a look at the DC FanDome schedule again, WB Games Montreal has a 20 minute timeslot, dubbed “Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement.” Incredibly vague, but straightforward. (Seems like a trend with DC video games now, huh?) In case it wasn’t obvious already, the description of the event confirms that we’ll have our first look at a new game, along with a Q&A with the devs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to speculate on. Could we really be getting a Court of Owls game? Well, all we really have are the rumors from the concept image leak. Be sure to have the salt ready, but I’d say we can safely assume that that’s what it is. The Arkham franchise is too beloved for WB Games to let go. I know I’d love to have another go at skulking around floor grates, swinging between gargoyles, and spying on thugs with Detective Mode.

Interesting strategy

It’s an interesting decision on WB’s part here. Rocksteady are the originators of the Arkham franchise and are the superior developers. WB has recognized this and is challenging them with a bigger, bolder, more ambitious project. It makes sense to allow the studio to grow beyond the constraints of the Arkham franchise. And while I’m not the biggest fan of WB Games Montreal and Arkham Origins, I’d love to play another Arkham game and they provided a satisfactory entry into the franchise. The tactic here is to move forward with a potential new ensemble franchise to challenge Marvel’s The Avengers, while still continuing a much beloved one. Makes sense.

Be sure to stay tuned to DKN for more updates on both projects.

The WB Games Montreal Announcement is set for 1:30PM EST. The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League event will be held at 8:10PM. Grab your chains and lock yourself to your personal Internet-enabled device on August 22 for DC FanDome.

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