Artist Joe Phillips Renders DC Comics’ All Time Greats as Bedrock Citizens

Joe Phillips Bedrock Trinity
Article by Carl Bryan

Yabba Dabba DC BC

Artist Joe Phillips has put a Bed Rock touch on some favorite icons in the DC Universe. Just look at what the artist has done with some of DC Comics’ all-time great characters and teams!

Let’s start with the Trinity and a classic Teen Titans Line up:

Joe Phillips DC Trinity and Teen Titans

Let’s hear it for the ladies, with the Birds of Prey and the Gotham City Sirens:


When an artist like Joe Phillips lends his hand to re-interpreting DC heroes, you get a softer side to the characters, but you also get to imagine a Bedrock that contains the villains as well. Here’s hoping that this leads to an eventual team up between the Flintstones and these DC Heroes.

Maybe this whole scenario also adds more to the canon as to where Batman got his Batcave T-Rex? Wilma!

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