James Gunn Confirms that ‘The Suicide Squad’ is on Schedule

Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Yesterday, Matt Reeves informed the world of The Batman‘s current status. Unfortunately, they have only managed to shoot about a quarter of the movie before production was shut down. So, in an attempt to keep production moving during this down time, they’ve had to pivot to do what they can. As of now, The Batman is still planned for a June 2021 release date, but it’s likely to be delayed. Thankfully, as I mentioned last week, there’s at least one highly anticipated DC flick that continues to truck on, but we have confirmation now. James Gunn has taken to Twitter and confirmed that The Suicide Squad is on schedule.

As he tends to do, Gunn used social media to answer a fan question regarding production delays. While it wasn’t directly asked, Gunn confirmed fully that The Suicide Squad is on schedule.

Just in the nick of time

Though it was fairly obvious considering that the film finished shooting a few weeks prior to the quarantine and that editing is currently underway, but now we have full confirmation that we should be getting The Suicide Squad on time. Thankfully, the most crucial part that could have jeopardized production and the cast and crew’s health was done and out of the way before the quarantine took effect. Now, the rest can all be done from the comforts of the producers, editors and director’s homes in isolation. It’s all pretty great timing for the flick and I’m incredibly excited to see the finished product.

I’m sure WB is pretty pleased that Gunn managed to steer production on time to continue completion, even during this quarantine.

Stay tuned for DKN for more updates.

The Suicide Squad will hit theatres on August 6, 2021.

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