Matt Reeves Shares Update On ‘The Batman’

Article by Chris Foti

Earlier this week, director Matt Reeves provided us with some insight on what inspired his story for the upcoming film, The Batman. About a month ago, production was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was supposed to only last two weeks, but like most things in the world, it’s now on hold indefinitely. Via an interview with Deadline, Reeves shared an update on The Batman.

When asked how much of the film had been completed before production was suspended, the director said:

We’re not officially editing right now. We’ve actually shot a quarter of the movie and I have been pouring through dailies, looking at takes, and what’s to come.

With so much time to contemplate what’s been filmed and what’s yet to come, Reeves was asked if he’s been tweaking his script while they are on hiatus.

It took me two years to work on that story, and it’s a very specific mystery noir that’s been really thought-out by me and my partners.

Crafting a great Batman story is no easy task. I could see doubt seeping in while being forced to shut down production and wanting to make changes here and there. It’s great to see Reeves completely confident in the story he’s written.

Before the global pandemic shut everything down, The Batman was filming in London. It appears that Reeves has no plans to change that when they return.

It’s way too early to say. I can’t imagine we wouldn’t finish in London. The situation is fluid.

It’s possible they had to book certain sites that might not be available when things go back to normal, hence the “situation is fluid” comment, but that’s just a bridge they’ll have to cross when they come to it. We’re certainly living in strange times right now.

Still On Schedule?

The Batman is scheduled to come out on June 25, 2021. For those doing the math at home, that’s a little over a year away. With production going on such a long hiatus, I wouldn’t be surprised if that date gets pushed to later in the year. Perhaps a November or December release window?

Dark Knight News will share any new update on The Batman as it becomes available. Until then, stay safe out there!

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