Valentine’s Day Is Here And Insight Editions Are Madly In Love With Popcraft Cards

Article by Steve J. Ray

It’s February, folks. For me this month brings with it two important seasonal tropes; Groundhog day, and the festival of love known as Valentine’s Day.

Now, you’re probably asking yourselves why a Batman website is talking about the holiday of luuurve and the greetings cards that mark the event? You’re wise to ask, but the answer will both please and astonish you. The massive publishers of mammoth books, the wonderful Insight Editions, have teamed up with the brilliant Popcraft Cards, purveyors of 3D postables for the masses, and with DC Entertainment. Yes, you guessed it; these cataclysmic companies have combined to deliver some completely Bat-Tastic new cards!

Eye Popping Designs

The best thing about them is the fact that they’re pop-up. The 3D effects when they’re opened up elevate them from just being simple greetings cards, to really cool pieces of comics memorabilia. The first card “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” has a small window at the front, through which we can see the Joker leering at us, but when you open it up… oh, my! Out pops the Clown Prince of Crime, in all his mirthsome malevolence.

Madly In Love This Valentine’s Day?

The second card is the one for people who are mad about each other. Entitled “Crazy For You” this offering is emblazoned with a blood spattered Harley Quinn diamond on the front, and opens up to a wonderful Batman: The Animated Series scene of Mr. J and Harls in a romantic embrace.

As with all pop-ups, the image changes depending on the angle it’s viewed from, which adds both to the novelty… and the cray-cray.

What does everyone out there think? Do you love these cards as much as we do? I mean… you’d be crazy not to!, pub-9882021783221697, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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