Secretlab Announces Batman Chair

by Chris Foti
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In celebration of 8 decades of Batman, Secretlab has announced a new chair for your Bat-computer station. Available now for pre-order are two all-new Dark Knight Edition chairs in their OMEGA and TITAN models.

Out of the shadows, comes the most comfortable way to celebrate 80 years of crime-fighting excellence. With the Batman logo custom-embroidered, this is the award-winning sitting experience preferred by the World’s Greatest Detective. This is the all-new Secretlab Dark Knight Edition.

The OMEGA series is for recommended heights 5’3” – 5’9” while the TITAN series is recommended for heights 5’7” – 6’4”.  

Each chair features an adjustable recline, 4D adjustable armrest, aluminium base and velour head pillow. The OMEGA chair features a memory foam lumbar pillow, while the TITAN chair features an adjustable lumbar support.

The OMEGA series starts at $329 while the TITAN series starts at $399.

If you are looking for an upgrade at your Bat-computer, you can order yours now at Secretlab’s site right now!

What do you think? Will you be adding a Secretlab Batman chair to your work station? Let us know!

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