Review: Justice League Dark #9

“The Lords Of Order” – Chapter Two

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artists: Álvaro Martínez Bueno, Miguel Mendonça and Raül Fernandez
Color Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh

The Cover for this review is shocking, right? Well, readers, let me just say that is NOT what happens in the comic. No… what actually happens is much, much worse. Welcome to Justice League Dark #9!

The Lords Of Order have arrived. Thanks to Nabu, the world now has two cosmic level threats to worry about. Just when I thought that the Otherkind were bad, along comes Goldy Helm and his four brers. The scary thing is that this bunch actually see themselves as the good guys!

James Tynion’s script for this issue, surprise, surprise, is absolutely stellar. This issue has emotion, beautiful dialogue, humor (dark and otherwise) action and magic aplenty. Yes, there’s a fair amount of exposition, but all of it is necessary and complimented by amazing artwork.

The interactions between Blue Devil and Bobo are wonderful, as is the conversation between Khalid and Man-Bat. The way that Tynion is slowly revealing the background story behind Nabu’s fall is excellent. I love the new Lords Of Order, and the way that each has their own magical artefact/weapon to match Nabu’s helmet. Gauntlets, a cloak, a breastplate and boots. Hmmm… that’s a full wardrobe. Foreshadowing, perhaps? You betcha!

Gone, Gone, The Form Of Man

Fans of this series know that it delivers some of the most mind-blowing imagery. Every. Single. Month. Justice League Dark #9 is no exception. Regular readers of my reviews will know that I don’t usually like to see more than one art team on one issue, but I’m more than prepared to forgive it this time. Why? Look at this stuff!

Álvaro Martínez Bueno always draws inker terrifyingly detailed pencils, the level of which are hard to produce on a monthly basis. Raül then has to pick himself up off the floor, down a couple of stiff drinks and ink them. Add to this the fact that both these gents have also contributed a story to the eagerly anticipated Detective Comics #1000, and we have to cut the guys a break. Besides, any time that Miguel Mendonça wants to guest on this book is fine with me!

As far as my trained eye can tell, pages 1-5 are pencilled AND inked by Mr. Mendonça (Attached to this review). They’re incredible, cosmic, otherworldly and beautiful. Of course this means that the rest of the book is drawn by messrs Martínez and Fernandez, who know what they’re doing. Oh, yes. Check out the ultra creepy Lords Of Order, Etrigan leaping into battle, and the wonderful pages featuring Zatanna, Circe and Wonder Woman.


What unifies the book is the always astonishing color art of Brad Anderson. Etrigan really is quite beside himself in this issue, and Brad’s flames and fireworks are some of the most colorful conflagrations any fan could wish for. Page 10 is hot as hell… quite literally! Plus, that last page… Wowza.

Rob Leigh, I salute you. This issue is as brilliantly lettered as the other three dozen titles you work on. DC, give this man a raise.


I’m genuinely worried. The writing and art in this series has me totally invested in the story. The characters are most human bunch of wraiths, demi-gods, magicians, elementals and human/animal hybrids in all of comics. Earth is in trouble, and Myrra is on the front line. Waiting thirty days for issue #10 is going to be torture.

Bring it on!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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