Kaley Cuoco Teases ‘Harley Quinn’ Animated Series Designs

by Eric Lee
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Actress Kaley Cuoco has posted some teases of the animation style for the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series.

Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) is set to star in the DC Universe’s original series Harley Quinn. The actress recently posted pictures on Instagram of her at the recording sessions. In the background, we can see video images of Harley Quinn in multiple outfits. Furthermore, we get a fuzzy glimpse of the Joker, voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Adults Only

Eagle-eye viewers can also spot a partially covered script on Cuoco’s stand. While the script was obstructed by a strategically-placed box of Red Vines, one can still make out the words. Amongst them are “Shut the **** up.”

It appears that Harley Quinn will be mature-rated cartoon. This is not surprising, as all of DC Universe’s original shows to date have explicit content.

Harley Quinn will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service in mid-October 2019.

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