Kevin Smith Has Contributed A Story To ‘Detective Comics’ #1000

by Eric Lee
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Noted director and comic writer Kevin Smith alleges writing a short story for Detective Comics #1000 while high on marijuana.

On the podcast Hollywood Babble-On, Smith discussed his how he got the part to write for Detective Comics. Additionally, he claims that being stoned actually helped his writing. Smith says that he received a  “Mystery bag” of marijuana that he consequently smoked and inspired his writing. Smith on his process:

One time I smoked a joint, wrote this f**king issue of Detective Comics that’s coming up on issue 1000. They’ve had a thousand issues. I think it must have done more, but in their numbering their coming up to Detective Comics issue 1000. So, they asked me “Will you write a story for, an eight-pager, Jim Lee will draw it?” I was like f**k yeah, Jim Lee? Holy sh*t, man, I’d let him draw my death. Like, he’s so f**king good. So, I smoked this f**king strain. It’s crazy. I’ll never know what it was. It was like we’re passing like two ships in the f**king night and shit. I don’t know what it was, so I can’t be like “You must get me this.” It made me write honestly the best Batman story I’ll ever write.

Smith on Marijuana and Batman

Smith is famous for playing the Silent Bob character in the Jay and Silent Bob movies. Amongst other things, the films all heavily feature the title characters smoking marijuana. In fact, Jay and Silent Bob have superhero parody identities Bluntman and Chronic.

In addition to a well-regarded Green Arrow run, Smith also wrote Batman: Cacophony and Batman: The Widening Gyre in 2008 and 2008 respectively. The Widening Gyre is infamous for a scene where Batman admitting to wetting his pants. Interestingly, Smith addressed the scene in the podcast too, saying his new story will make up for it.

This, I think, the thing I wrote makes up for that. It just feels like a good, solid, like f**king Batman story and that came from smoking this weed of which I’ll never know what it was, man.

Fans can judge how marijuana-induced writing is when Detective Comics #1000 comes out in March 27.

Dark Knight News does not condemn or condone the use of marijuana for creative writing purposes.

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