‘Batman v Superman’ Easter Egg Reveals Batman Was Tracking Superman

by Chris Foti
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This March will mark the 3rd anniversary of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although it was critically divisive commercially, while not a failure, didn’t live up to expectations and wasn’t liked even by some by fans. People are still somehow finding Easter Eggs to this day.

The newest revelation has to do with just how obsessed with Superman, Batman was. In a quick shot in the Batcave, we see Bruce’s computer. At a glance, it’s just red and black nonsense, but if you freeze frame it, it is a map of Metropolis.

On that map are little Superman symbols marking the locations of all Superman’s heroic activity; such as stopping armed robberies, school fires, gas explosions, bus accidents (nice nod to Man of Steel), building collapses and attempted muggings.

While Zack Snyder certainly went too far with the character in some places, such as blatantly killing several of Lex Luthor’s henchmen in the car chase, he absolutely got others right.

Bruce tracking Superman’s movements would give him knowledge he could use in his planned battle with him. From what he responds to, to how fast he gets there. Batman does something similar in the New 52, when he tracks his flight patterns. Snyder’s version was both paranoid and well prepared.

Again, I don’t agree with every little thing that Snyder did in his 2.5 films, but given the level of detail in a lot of scenes, I truly believe he was working towards something. It’s unfortunate WB didn’t give him the leash he needed to fulfill that, then again, perhaps they will be better off for it and focus on individual characters and films instead of rushing a world building universe.

Are there any fun Easter Eggs you’ve found? Let us know!

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