Huge Unveiling of New Sideshow Toys Releases

The wide talents of Sideshow Toys are on display again. I keep a close eye on each of their releases and it’s a rare treat to see so many in one day. Receiving icons from across the Bat Pantheon is always a welcome treat. Has Christmas come early? Have they shown too much? Either way, what Sideshow has to offer is really something to be thankful for.

Here’s a piece designed by Kenneth Rocafort and Paul Harding. It’s certainly a unique vision of Batman. This figure extension of the Black-and-White designs Sideshow have been releasing this past year. It’s an armored Batman in haunting shades of gray. A singular piece to say the least.

It’s not every day we get to see Batman acting like a suburban dad. In Dark Knight’s Metal, Darkseid reverted to a baby. Batman had to hold this tiny villain close. Sculptor, Neobauhaus has included lots of great detail in the creases of the Batsuit, and the expression on tiny Darkseid’s face. The heads are interchangeable if you aren’t comfortable pairing tiny Darkseid with Batman.

Rally the Righteous

Here’s another piece for the ‘Bat Family’ collection. Much like the Batman, Batgirl and Huntress statues, this piece of Damian Wayne’s Robin works well alone or slotted against the tall plinth Batman kneels on. Another great addition to the Bat Family collection.

This is possibly the most detailed Joker statue I’ve ever seen Sideshow produce. His suit is full fabric in the garish colors of Jack Nicholson or Caesar Romero. The two interchangeable faces turn his smile from a manic grin to a roaring chuckle. Multiple points of articulation make him fully able to strike a pose. When you add 12 different interchangeable hands, this is one of the most adaptable pieces they’ve ever made.

Each piece is shipping at different times in the new year, and coming to a shelf near you. Check out even more Sideshow Toys pieces unveiled today here, as I leave you with teaser images of the new Catwoman Masterpiece.

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