Gotham City Is Available To Visit, In Real Life!

Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi, has been in production for quite a while now. The theme park allows fans to peruse in and around locations of the DC Universe. Attendees can travel through iconic locations Metropolis, the Hall of Justice and even Gotham City!

The theme park is completely indoors, giving Gotham City it’s night time ambience 24/7. Walking around the Caped Crusader’s home town gives customers the opportunity to bump into Heroes and Villains as they roam the streets.

Better watch out though as the likes of The Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman look for their next victim. Not only can customers interact with characters from the comics, but also visit thematic stores across the city.

We Run This Town

Complete with a Joker Fun House, Harley Quinn run sweet shop and Mr. Freeze Ice Cream Truck. If that’s not enough to satisfy your thrills, there are even rides themed off The Riddler and Scarecrow!

If yet that’s still not enough to whet your appetite, there is a restaurant at the Hall of Doom. The entrance of which is secret, underneath a subway.

I certainly can’t wait until something like this comes to our side of the world.

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