Fan EXPO Canada: Greg Capullo Tells DKN What He’s Most Excited About, Plus Cosplay Galore!

Welcome to Fan Expo Canada!

Where All Canadian DC

Fans Join Forces!

DC Comics has been inspiring so many women to fall for their works. They have been moving forward by drawing more girls, more people of color, enhancing characterization of LGTBQ characters, de-sexualizing costuming, and Warner Bros. with DC Comics have been entirely more inclusive as a whole. It’s been welcoming to the point where I feel as if I don’t have to be a size zero to cosplay, or required to over-expose myself, and I haven’t needed to validate my love of comics to anyone in Toronto. I’m happy to say, Toronto cosplayers feel the same way!

DC Reviewers attended Toronto Fan Expo as well, and gave 6 artists (including myself) a full portfolio review. They passed amazing tips and advice when entering the art industry. If one ever wants to attend these reviews, and you’re in a hurry, I’ve noted some fast but very crucial advice.

Your art portfolio is advised to contain:

  • Images that create a story in vital for them to understand the artist’s ability to communicate.
  • Action shots, preferably with other characters that tell a story with images.
  • Background and scenery.
  • Inking and bring your sketches! They’re really interested in knowing your process.
  • Full size images. Also, please do not take poster-size pieces (one or two might be fine). It should be something you can carry in your hand.
  • Mixed media. If the artist (like myself) is working in both traditional and digital canvases, it is advised to bring both.

DC Nation also hosted a panel with remarkable comics talents such as Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Tom King. DKN has the awesome chance to ask the rockstar, Capullo, what his thoughts were on future projects.

DKN: Could I get your opinion on the work that your team is doing right now?

Capullo: Yes, sure! Well we finished Dark Nights Metal, now Scott and I are working on DC’s latest project which is geared towards adults called Black Label. It’s basically stories that can be or don’t have to be in continuity, so it really allows you to stretch things. This will be Scott’s and my last Batman story. It’s a good end to our beginning, Court of Owls. It’s going to be 3 issues, 40 pages each.

Crazy, wild details. With Joker’s head, haha, [and he looked giddy in excitement] in glass case with toxins! Batman’s got a strap to his belt, all kinds of crazy stuff! That’s what I’m working on right now.

DKN: That’s amazing! How much background should one know before beginning to read this series?

Capullo: Well, I don’t know when we’re releasing this one. I mean, it’s the first thing we’re doing collaboratively following Metal together.

DKN: Thank you so much, will you be at this year’s New York Comic Con?

Capullo: My pleasure, and yes most likely.

Seriously, the adult and scarier renditions of Batman and Joker have been amazing. As a horror movie fan, and a comics fan, I admire their work so much. I’m looking forward to this dark, horror era in comics. The action figures that have been coming out have been spectacular as well!

And lastly,

Cosplay Galore!

Thank you to Fan Expo Canada for yet another wonderful and brilliant year. See you again at Toronto Comic Con.

Look forward to our upcoming interview for NYCC 2018 beginning this week!

Also, DKN press met Jason Momoa. We wanted to share with fans.

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