Bane-Like BloxVox Fuels Twitter Responses

The internet has lit up with the introduction of the invention BloxVox. The product fits over a person’s face, so they can talk privately on the phone in a crowded setting. Of course, the BloxVox is not getting attention due to its sound-reducing innovations, but because of the fact that it resembles Bane’s mask.

The BloxVox can be charitably described as a human muzzle. But Bat-fans more affectionately can refer to it as Bane’s mask. Just look at the two and tell me that it is not Bane there.


Tom Hardy’s Bane

‘The Fire Rises’

Since CNET posted the story, their Twitter feed blew up. Some tweets openly mocked the BloxVox and some compared it to Imortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road. But most responded with Dark Knight Rises references. Take a look at some of the greatest hits.

BloxVox is currently undergoing its Kickstarter campaign. If fans have a desire to mix their Bane cosplay with an office setting, then they can still contribute to the page. Otherwise, the rest of us will have to make due with talking into a cup for our Bane impressions.

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