New Tabletop Game Based On ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Releasing August 2018

Dark Knight News is proud to present a first look at the new board game from IDW GamesBatman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege, which comes out this August. Designed by Richard Launius and Michael Guigliano, the game will feature all new artwork, city buildings and character minatures; as seen below:-

Gotham’s Heroes

A game for up to five players, players will be able to play as Batman, or a number of his allies as they protect Gotham from an assortment of villains. The game will put players through a variety of challenges as they fight to stop the city from being destroyed by assorted members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery and their henchmen.

The first of many games to be based upon Batman: The Animated Series. IDW Games are working on a multitude of exciting games, collaborating with renowned developers and artists to bring these beloved characters to fans’ tabletops… mine included!

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