Special Effects Make-Up Artist Rick Baker Sculpts Joker Bust of DC Collectibles

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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If you’re a huge movie buff, you know the legendary name of Rick Baker. For those who don’t know, he is one of the most decorated Special Effects Makeup creators in the business with a record 7 Academy Awards to his name, after winning the first one for An American Werewolf in London. Do I need to say more after that? If you can think of any iconic movie with some of the most impressive makeup and special effects, chances are Rick Baker had something to do with that.

His filmography runs the gamut from children’s movies, comic book movies, Eddie Murphy movies, Michael Jackson music videos (yes, he did Thriller), and sci-fi and horror movies. So, he knows what he’s doing. Therefore, DC Collectibles decided to reach out to him to sculpt something. Rick Baker was given absolute freedom to pursue any character he wanted, however he wanted, with any amount of time that he wanted.

Baker chose the Joker and the results are pretty terrifying.

Take a look:

What a lovely smile!

Baker’s Joker seems less human and more impish, with what looks like years of sleepless nights due to his insanity. Though it’s not the Joker of my design, it’s an absolutely gorgeous sculpt that any DC and movie fan would kill to own. The sculpt was made for DC Collectibles’ DC Gallery line of high-end collectibles.

It stands at approximately 22.5 inches tall and will have an extremely limited run of 200, with each individually numbered. Designed, sculpted, and painted by Baker, the bust will be available in October. DC will start accepting pre-orders this coming Thursday. Take a breath and exhale slowly. The price for this baby is a whopping $1,000. So if you really want it, you should start saving up those pennies.

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