Young Bruce Wayne Of ‘Gotham’ Interested In Playing DCEU’s Damian Wayne

by Sharna Jahangir
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Television’s beloved young Bruce Wayne expressed interest in playing DCEU’s Damian Wayne, Batman’s biological son. As the DC Extended Universe expands its world, several spins offs are in the making. Batgirl, Nightwing’s solo film, implied trilogy of Batman with Matt Reeve’s; fans are revving up! 

So we have Alfred, Harley, Joker, Batgirl, and Nightwing, we could always use more of the Batfam! It’s a popular component of the DCEU. We love the fact that DC and Warner Bros. are putting in much love so we, as fans, can fully experience DC narratives on screen. 

And so if Geoff Johns has Damian Wayne in the back of his mind, the spunkiest young Bruce Wayne of Gotham is getting his name out there as a choice. He has the hair, he has the height, and from Gotham, we know he can pull off the attitude. 

David Mazouz, the young star of Gotham, tweeted fanart of him dressed as Damian Wayne, and it looks pretty killer! Using the hashtag #davidfordamian he’s calling upon his fans to spread the word.

And his fans are in full support. Damian Wayne first appeared in 1987’s Batman: Son of the Demon. It was quick to become part of DCU’s canon. In 2006, Damian was officially introduced to Batman as his offspring with Talia Al Ghul. The story and means of Damian’s existence have always been in blurred lines as a few versions of Batman and Talia’s relation have been controversial. But this is why a character like him is important. There are children out there that need to know they can be heroes regardless of what their parents think, or regardless of what value a loved labels them. Not to mention, we would have a half-Arabic character representation. 

It would be huge if they introduce Damian in the DCEU. Thus far, there is no confirmation only murmurs. It would be extremely difficult for David Mazouz to get the part as the Extended Universe has been firm with not mixing the television universe with the films. For now, It’s not a bad idea to play with!

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