Review: Batman and Harley Quinn

Director: Sam Liu

Writers: Bruce Timm and Jim Krieg

Actors: Kevin Conroy (Batman), Melissa Rauch (Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn), Loren Lester (Nightwing), Kevin Michael Richardson (The Floronic Man / Jason Woodrue), Paget Brewster (Poison Ivy), Rob Paulsen (Harold Goldblum / Min / Max / Anderson / Additional voices), John DiMaggio (Sarge Steel / Swamp Thing / Additional voices)






The Dark Knight and his former protégée try to stop a plan to turn every human on the planet into plant life forms – at least, those who live. This crazy scheme is concocted by Poison Ivy and The Floronic Man.  Batman sends Nightwing to recruit Ivy’s BFF: Harley Quinn, and what better way to hide out than to work at a Hooter’s like superhero-themed restaurant?

As with most films with eco-terrorist, Ivy and Woodrue’s plans are altruistic in nature (if you pardon the pun), though their methods and possible end result need some work. After a slight diversion, Harley takes Batman and Nightwing to a dive in Blüdhaven to follow a lead. If you are a fan of Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds and/or Blondie, you’re in for a treat! Both Rob Paulsen and Melissa Rauch belt out some serious crooning!


The film itself is good. Not great, but it’s good. The Blu-ray and digital release have some nice features, including a retrospective about the Maid of Mischief herself – Harley Quinn. Also included is a discussion with Loren Lester discussing his time as Robin, and later Nightwing, in Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventure respectively.


Like most roller coaster rides, Batman and Harley Quinn is a fast-paced romp. It’s full of twist and turns, and a very erupt and anti-climactic end. Also like most thrill rides, it’s one worth riding again and again. Rauch gives a slightly different, yet familiar take on Harley Quinn. Conroy could play Batman in his sleep, and this version is a step up from his turn as the Dark Knight in The Killing Joke. Lester slips easily back into the role of Nightwing. It was a welcome return. Let’s hope this is not his last animated feature. Paget Brewster and Kevin Michael Richardson also have chemistry as The Floronic Man and Poison Ivy respectively. Overall, Batman and Harley Quinn is not perfect, but worth the price of admission and Blu-ray. Speaking of admission, special thanks to Fathom Events for their help with previewing the one night only event!

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