DC Releases LEGO Version of Unite the League ‘Justice League’ Poster

LEGO has been a beloved children’s toy for generations, but it seems that DC is just now fully embracing it. Though there have been DC-themed LEGO sets and LEGO DC direct-to-DVD movies, it’s never been quite as mainstream until The LEGO Batman Movie was such a hit.

Whether it is the LEGO Batman: The Animated Series intro or the recent LEGO Justice League Comic-Con Sneak Peek, you’ll find that fans all over the Internet have been LEGO-izing (is that a word?) their fandoms for years.

WB/DC is now getting into the game and having fun with it as well. The LEGO Batman Movie‘s marketing campaign seemed to be the most fun that WB had with their DC properties in years. So much so that, in the same vein as the movies self-referential comedy, WB decided to LEGO-ize the previous Batman movie posters on iTunes.

And they’re not done. Remember that awesome Unite the League poster that Zack Snyder shared in April? Well, WB has decided to LEGO-ize that poster. It’s very shiny.

Unite the Bricks!

Isn’t it awesome that Batfleck still has his stubble? That’s some detail. It’s also obviously a promotion for their LEGO Justice League sets as well, but is still incredibly cool. You can download yourself high quality versions for your iPhone on the official Justice League website. Be sure to join the league first!

Justice League hits theatres on November 17, 2017.

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