‘Gotham’ Season 4 Will Bring In A Villain From ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’

Gotham has a brilliant roster of villains. Season 3 finished its filming before they were signed off for the fourth season, so there were some decent tie-ups to leave us to interpret. Because we know where the characters are going, we were fulfilled. However, even if we still know where they are going, doesn’t mean the ride can’t be a blast. Gotham is devoted to each character, the show proves it, and the series delves into the minds of the iconic evils. Thus far, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy are powerfully developed and Gotham continues to introduce more, even Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze have made an appearance.

Excitedly, TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special reports that Gotham season 4 will have a huge character from Batman: The Long Halloween. The executive producer himself says “probably the most graphically violent, terrifying villain we’ve brought in. Some people would call him a butcher.” And coming from Gotham‘s producer, John Stephens, that means bring on the gore.

Fans are speculating that Stephens means Holiday. Those who have followed through the thirteen-issue maxiseries are approving this speculation. The gist of the story is that Gotham City is riddled with several brutal murders throughout a year, specifically on each holiday of the year, hence the name Holiday.

Holiday (1996-1997)

It’s significant to know that there were two Holiday killers in the series, Alberto Falcone, and Gilda Dent. The Falcone family has a major presence in Gotham, so the assumption is Alberto will show himself. Gilda Dent might be slightly trickier because of her relationship to Harvey Dent. As we know, he is yet to be introduced but Stephens did pique interest in the idea of Two-Face being played by a woman. The show already carries strong overtones of queer romances, the Penguin’s love for Nygma, Barbara and Tabitha, and portrayed a temporarily healthy relationship between Barbara and Renee Montoya. It is exciting to see Stephens play with the idea. Whichever way this will go down, Gotham is fascinating when they explore evil. Television and films can’t do enough to see how deep evil can go.



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