In-Depth Look at MultiVersus “Rifts”

Every gamer in the Dark Knight News team has been eagerly gearing up for the re-release of MultiVersus. This wild Warner Bros. Battler is set to be heating up for its return on May 28, and will introduce the MultiVersus “Rifts”.

We’ve covered The Joker coming to Multiversus at length already, but these Rifts give us a whole new way to play.

In this game mode, players will get the chance to practice with their favorite characters against the in-game engine itself. These will allow for wackier battles, skill challenges, and new platformer adventurers to really get to grips with the way that a character plays. With this new facelift on the game, any chance to learn every facet of every character is so important.

We can expect to hear even more news about MultiVersus “Rifts” and the game as a whole as they go into full release on May 28.

For full information, the delightful Velma, of Mystery Inc., has prepared a short presentation below for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s the full press release, direct from WB Games.

“Warner Bros. Games today released a MultiVersus video detailing the all-new PvE “Rifts” mode, which offers a different way to experience the game, outside of competitive PvP matches.

Rifts mode incorporates a variety of unexpected twists, from boss fights to mini-games, along with ongoing content updates to keep things fresh. Each Rift is made up of chapters, which are comprised of various nodes that consist of battles and challenges, and each node contains unique mutators for different combat scenarios. By completing node objectives and winning matches, players can earn rewards, and gems, which can be used to raise stats and impart special effects.

As one of many ways to experience MultiVersus at launch on May 28, Rifts can also be a way for players to learn mechanics, test characters, and sharpen skills, whether jumping in solo or cooperatively online with a friend.”

Images, video content, and press release courtesy of WB Games.

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