Review: Justice League #16

by Tyler Harris
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“Timeless,” Part 02


Writer: Bryan Hitch

Artist: Fernando Pasarin





I take it all back. In my previous review, I said that the set-up to this arc felt confusing – yet interesting – and wasn’t done well. This issue made me eat my words. That being said, although we had a lot of answers in this issue and I discovered most of my previous assumptions were in fact correct, that doesn’t fully redeem issue 15. It was still messy and I stand by what I said, so going into this issue, I was a little worried at what it might be like, however all of my fears were alleviated as the main story was expanded upon in such a way that this almost should have been the first issue of the arc.

One of the things discovered immediately upon picking up this issue is that most of my assumptions were correct: the team has been split up all over time and has to work together through the ages to stop the Timeless from destroying their lives and changing history. Very standard, but still very enjoyable if done right, and Justice League looks like it’s going to fall into that category if things continue like this. Now I know this is very contradictory to my review of last issue, but that’s also because this issue is a step up and a step forward.

The team of Bryan Hitch and Fernando Pasarin is incredible. Pasarin brings to life Hitch’s work in a beautiful and lifelike way and makes the team feel and look their best. We also have Matt Ryan and Brad Anderson on inks and colors respectively, both of which help provide amazing art for this series. On the negative side of things, I don’t have too much to say (for once). The issue made sense and progressed nicely, and I now have faith that the unanswered questions will be taken care of as time goes on, if you’ll pardon the pun. I am intrigued to see what Hitch and his team have in store for all of these characters, but particularly Batman and Superman, as their involvement appears to be a unique angle on the whole “separated-across-time” trope.


A very exciting follow-up issue to what could’ve otherwise been a boring arc. My doubts from the previous issue were all put to rest and I got to read an interesting and well presented set-up for what is to come. “Timeless” is shaping up to be a brilliant arc, and I hope that going forward things stay at this level – or continue to rise!

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment



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