‘Justice League Action Run’ Mobile Game Announced

by Chris Foti
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With a new show based on the Justice League, of course comes with a new game.  Justice League Action, currently airing on Cartoon Network, is set to have a new mobile came based on the series.  Justice League Action Run, is an endless runner game, that allows you to play as the heroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, and Cyborg.

Taking us to popular environments such as Gotham, Metropolis, and Apokolips, the game will also feature such villains as the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, and Lobo. Features of the game include:

RUN, jump, slide, dodge, fly, and shoot your way through 150 mission-based levels.
SWAP heroes during your missions to use different abilities and superpowers.
FIGHT bosses at the end of each chapter to thwart their evil plans.
UPGRADE and customize your heroes with new costumes, abilities, gear and superpowers.
EARN tokens to level up and unlock new heroes and more rewards.
WATCH videos, shorts, clips, and tutorials for Justice League Action and other DC Kids shows.
READ the latest DC news and announcements, facts about DC characters, and digital comic books.

Fans might remember a similar style game, called Batman v Superman: Who Will Win, last year. Justice League Action Run promises constant updates that will include new characters and features. No release date was announced, but the game will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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