Australian Cosplayer Creates Perfect Batfleck Suit

by Tyler Harris
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Since its release, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has proven to be divisive among fans, but one thing most people can agree on is that Ben Affleck’s Batman suit is a sight to behold. The suit finds a happy medium between source-material-accurate and universe-accurate-adaption and brings the character to life in a whole new way. Cosplayers everywhere jumped at the chance to bring this amazing new Batsuit to life, and one Aussie has answered the call like no one else.

Standing in the spotlight (Bat-signal?) today is “self-confessed Aussie geek-zilla” Chris Stanley – or as he is better known – Cosplay Chris. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Chris has a YouTube channel and online presence devoted to, well, cosplay, and his latest project is none other than putting together a perfect replica of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit.

His suit isn’t fully complete yet, however his latest YouTube video runs viewers through the process of making the bodysuit and the steps he took in assembling it in order to make it movie perfect. You can check out the full video below, or if you’re more interested in seeing the final product, skip to 11:00 in the video for a full 360 degree look!

One thing that is very noticeable about Chris’ design is that he has a large amount of maneuverability inside the suit, which is definitely important if you are going to be taking your cosplay to a Batman-worthy level. Another thing to note is that Chris used a muscle suit that he bonded to the outer layer in order to achieve the bulky look that Affleck wore in the film, which was actually molded from the body of Detroit-based fitness model Rossano Rea and padded out for Affleck’s movie venture, so in terms of accuracy to the film, Chris here has done a fine job!

The call has been put out to all cosplayers and the bar has been raised; while Affleck Batsuits are few and far between at the moment, after seeing this video I’m expecting a lot more to start popping up at conventions! In the meantime, Chris has promised a full reveal video once the cosplay is absolutely complete, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

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