‘Suicide Squad’ Final Box Office Update

by Eric Lee
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After being in theaters for nearly four months, the blockbuster film Suicide Squad finally ends its box office run with a $325.1 million domestic.

To be exact, Suicide Squad’s North America box office take was $325,076,840 million. This beats 2008’s Iron Man domestic total of $318.4 million and 2007’s Transformers ($319.2 million). When adding the foreign gross with those numbers, Suicide Squad made a worldwide box office of $745,576,840 million. With a budget of $175 million, Suicide Squad exceeded expectations and was able to be one of top movies of 2016, nearly meeting Batman V Superman‘s North American gross ($330 million). Not too bad from a group of outcasts being deemed the worst heroes ever.

Suicide Squad is available in Digital HD on November 15th and Blu-ray on December 13th.

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