Another Superhero Appearing in ‘Suicide Squad’

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It’s been known ever since filming in Toronto last year that Ben Affleck would reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Though how much his character will show up in the film isn’t known, we now know that he isn’t the only member of the Justice League who will be seen in the film.

Thanks to Comic Book Resources, it appears the Flash himself (played by Ezra Miller) will be making an appearance. Check out the cast list in a newly released press kit.

castlist castlist2

While this may not seem like earth-shattering news, it will be a cool moment for us fans to see the DC universe continue to expand on the big screen.

The Flash in ‘Justice League’

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5 and if you haven’t seen the latest “trailer”, or just want to see it again, here you go.

Ryan Lower

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