Review: Catwoman #51

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artists: Inaki Miranda & Elia Bonetti

This month’s issue of Catwoman begins a two-part story arc that will conclude her New 52 run. I find it rather fitting that her final opponent be Black Mask, as those two have quite a bit of history with each other no matter which continuity you speak of. For a story that can be told in no more than two issues, I must say what was presented was very solid and not too condensed. Sometimes two-parters can give that feeling, but this was a rather satisfying read.

Once you get past John Middleton’s gorgeous cover, which I think is the best Catwoman cover of the past few years, you will lay your eyes upon the work of Inaki Miranda and Elia Bonetti. Those two crafted some nice layouts, with the pencils and inks simultaneously conveying the moodiness of Gotham and cat burglar motif perfectly. It makes for excellent visual storytelling and you may hear sneaky music emanating from your comic book. Actually, if the latter happens, consult a doctor.

Much like his work with Harley Quinn, writer Frank Tieri captures the essence of Selina Kyle. Her actions and dialogue nail that good girl/bad girl quality we all love. Some of you may remember this happens to be may favorite female character, so I’m happy to see when she’s treated with this level of care.

We also learn a bit about Selina’s history with the Sionis family and False Face Society, along with being introduced to a new villain, White Mask, who has a shocking connection to her past. Be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for a nice homage to The Dark Knight. You will know it when you see it.

Speaking of the False Face Society, I think there’s something inherently disturbing about guys in suits wearing masks. I can speak from personal experience, as I recall when I went to a masquerade wearing a Court of Owls mask. Those who weren’t regulars at the nightclub seemed kind of frightened of me. Perhaps the suit conveys a more meticulous kind of violence. But I digress.

Catwoman #51 is atmospheric and riveting, making me lament the reality that there’s no book Selina is headlining after Rebirth launches.

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