DC’s Rebirth Is Not a Reboot


DC’s been posting teasers for something called “Rebirth,” and people have been speculating wildly if it’s another reboot like The New 52. Safe to say, it’s been confirmed by Jim Lee that, no, “Rebirth” will not be a reboot.  One minute after Jim Lee tweeted the new teaser, stating that it wasn’t a reboot, Geoff Johns tweeted another teaser, this one adding “and it never was.”

With the 52nd issue of the new continuity rapidly approaching, people were beginning to speculate that perhaps after 52 issues, there would be another company wide reboot. But now that “Rebirth” has been clarified a bit, fans are back to square one. So what is “Rebirth”? We may know more by Thursday, when the ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting in Portland has a DC presentation scheduled for that afternoon.

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