Limited Edition ‘Batman v Superman’ Cereal

by Andrew Lococo
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Geoff Johns, noted writer, CCO for DC, and cereal fiend, has posted on his Twitter that there’ll be a promotional, limited time, cereal for the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As you can already guess, it comes in two flavors, Chocolate strawberry bat-shaped bites for Batman and Caramel Crunch S-shields for Superman. Along with the cereal, Johns got an engraved spoon with #SuperHeroCereal on the handle, a Batman mask, and a cowl. Along with this emergency breakfast kit came a note to Johns as well.

Hey, Batman and Superman fans!
General Mills is sending you an exclusive first taste of both of our new super hero cereals. Whether you are a fan of The Dark Knight or the Man of Steel, we know you’ll love both these cereals.
So eat up and show your super hero allegiance — to Batman or Superman or both — on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #batmancereal or #supermancereal — or if you like, both: #superheroescereal. Now, gear up and save the day, one bowl of cereal at a time!
— A fellow Batman v Superman fan

Presumably some would-be fop at stately General Mills HQ is secretly a hero fighting the never ending war against hunger and to give those who are too hungry to fight for a complete and balanced breakfast. The question now is, which flavor are you going to eat and for long will it be available?    

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