New ‘Arkham Insider’ Takes Us Back to 1989

The latest episode of promotional web series Arkham Insider takes an extensive look at some of Arkham Knight‘s exciting DLC material. Environmental artist Jody Sargent explains how the ’89 package–including the Michael Keaton Batman suit as well as the Batmobile and brand-new tracks–will work.

“I watched both films quite a few times,” she says. “I found all the best parts that I wanted to put into the tracks. I designed the tracks as almost a little film set. We’ve basically taken all the most iconic bits of the films and put them all into this, so you just get to experience them all over again.”

As to how the movies influenced the look and feel of the new content in particular, she says, “Well, we let it influence the tracks but also the overall design as well. There’s the Joker’s parade and the Penguin’s lair. It was really inspired by all of that.”

Speaking to how the different design and shape of the Batmobile allows for a different track, senior designer Adam Jones says “Well, it’s longer and thinner than our design from the main games so we made note of that when creating the tracks. It requires you to go through smaller gaps and the handling’s a bit lighter. We have a lot more extreme corners.”

Shifting gears, Noel Chamberlain explains the Robin DLC package. Theoretically infinite, this is Robin waging a one-man war on constantly respawning enemies. It’s a map that shows off all of the former boy wonder and current teen titan’s strengths. It will be an excellent map for anyone who feels that the most famous sidekick in comics never gets his day in the sun when it comes to games. “We completely stretch Robin to his limit,” says game designer Chamberlain, “We just throw everything at him.”

“He doesn’t have as many gadgets as Batman,” Chamberlain adds. “He likes to get more up close and personal.”

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