Woeful ‘Arkham Knight’ PC Eyes Fall Fix

Multiple sources are now saying PC gamers will have to wait until Fall to “Be the Batman.” Sources including GameSpot and Kotaku (AU) report remedies for the woeful Arkham Knight for PC are not scheduled until September – at the earliest.

This, from sources obtaining an internal email from EB Games, which states: “As previously advised, we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game. The latest information from Warner is that the updates won’t be available until Spring. Due to this we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released.”

– Spring in Australia starts Sept. 1; Fall, here in the States.

This is most unwelcome news for PC gamers clamoring for the latest installment of Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise. Will gamers hold out for an autumn fix? Or, will their interest – and patience – have worn thin?

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