A Live-Action ‘Titans’ Movie is Coming

Warner Bros. has announced that a live-action Titans film has been added as a forthcoming cinematic feature from DC Studios.

Ana Nogueira will write the screenplay for the film. The writer’s already familiar with DC Studios as she’s also currently writing Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Previously, Nogueira was known by fans for acting, as she previously starred in The Vampire Diaries and The Michael J. Fox Show. However, DC Studios recently tapped her to write the Supergirl screenplay.

‘Titans’ Questions

With this exciting news, there are about a billion questions that comic fans want to know about the film. Like, what iteration of Titans will we see on-screen? Despite a myriad of versions of the team, it seems like a safe bet that the movie will feature the most publicly-known Titans, like Dick Grayson, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire.

Of course, that still leaves a lot of questions. Like, will we see Donna Troy or Wally West? If so, then what superhero identity will they have for the film? Will the team even be the Teen Titans or is it focusing on the adult versions of the characters?

Will Dick Grayson be featured as Robin, Nightwing, or both? How will the film address the inevitable questions about the team’s mentor figures, like Batman or Wonder Woman? While Batman will have a feature that will establish him in the new DC universe, Wonder Woman will not. Will Titans movie relate to Brave and the Bold? Or will it sort of have its loose continuity and make vague allusions to the other heroes, like how the Teen Titans cartoon does it?

There are so many questions that do not have answers yet. Dark Knight News will be excited when more news is released about them. 

So far, Titans does not have a release date.

Source: Hollywoodreporter.com

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