SDCC 2015: ‘Gotham’s’ David Mazouz Discusses Bruce’s Transformation to Batman in Season 2

While we’re all still kinda reeling from the big screen adaptations of my favorite characters, the small screen still has their own valid interpretation. Season 2 of Gotham is revving up for a premiere this fall and as expected they had a presence at SDCC this weekend. got an interview with Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz. The talking points that Mazouz hit paint an interesting portrait for our Caped Crusader-in-training. For the most part, Mazouz talks about how, although Bruce isn’t quite ready to be put on the cape and cowl quite yet, he will supposedly become the Batman this season, metaphorically, of course. Mazouz emphasized that season 1 was primarily Bruce grieving the loss of his parents, whereas this season, aside from embracing the playboy persona, he will embody a more Batman-like persona. Though he doesn’t say how, I guess it’s because of this:

“So you’ll see Bruce and Gordon team up a lot more. And because of that,  Bruce will get out a lot more. Gordon is really going to start that mentorship we talked about. They’re really going to start to become closer, and because of that Bruce will find himself more involved with the crime world.”

The secret room discovered at the end of season 1 will also play a massive part in Bruce’s transformation. That seemed obvious, but the question is how? Mazouz only mentioned how it would change the dynamic between Alfred and him, causing a sharp divide between them until they eventually work it out and become the team that we know them to be. He also goes on to mention how season 2 will introduce supervillains now that the mobsters have been eliminated, which is pretty exciting.

Mazouz has been pretty impressive as Bruce thus far, but to be honest, the introduction of supervillains is what’s attracting me to the season at this moment. Catch the rest of the interview here.

Catch the season 2 premiere on September 21, 2015 at 8PM on Fox.

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