New Details Dropped in ‘Arkham Insider’ Episode 3

On this week’s episode of the promotional web series Arkham Insider, titled “Characters Unmasked,” we learn a little bit more about the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow and as we begin to gear up for the game’s release. This time, they were joined by lead character artist, Albert Feliu Gomis.

Speaking to the design of the Arkham Knight himself, Gomis says, “Ultimately, he works with Scarecrow to take down the Batman. His design was ultimately made just for that role. He’s got a very military look to him, the antennas that reflect the bat ears.” He goes on to add that the Knight’s camo pattern will be reflected in all of his soldiers, in their equipment, “Even the tanks have it, so that you can tell these are the Arkham Knight’s forces.”

Moving on to the Scarecrow, Gomis says, “With Scarecrow, the message we’re trying to send with this design is that he’s come back stronger than ever. Meaner than ever. It took ages to develop his face and the way everything looks together… He’s got his fear toxin wrapped around him. That causes so much threat, right? Says ‘if you take me out, something bad’s going to happen.'”

They then move on to discuss the Batman himself and his new design for the game. “He’s more flexible,” says Gomis. “He can move faster. The cape has been implemented not around the rim of the cowl, but underneath the armor padding. As you can see, the chest armor is flexible, it separates, but the bat sign is still his strongest bit, as is traditional in Batman.” He also adds, “When we got the design for the Batmobile, we were like, ‘Yeah. We’re going to do a Batman that fits that Batmobile.'”

Batman: Arkham Knight hits stores on June 23rd.

Source – Batman Arkham YouTube

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