‘Batman Beyond’ and ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Skins in ‘Arkham Knight’ Preorder Pack

Arkhamverse has just revealed that Arkham Knight will feature downloadable skins for Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns versions of the Caped Crusader if you preorder the game on Steam. Both skins have been available in previous games, but have undergone revisions here.

The Dark Knight Returns skin is darker, more streamlined. The changes there are subtle, though, when compared to the Batman Beyond skin, which has undergone a massive redesign. This is much more mechanical, much grittier than this version of Batman, known for his successful animated series, has ever appeared in the past.

Both costumes are being tied together in “Gotham’s Future Skins Pack” and will come with the game if you preorder now.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released on June 23rd.

Source – Steam (via Arkhamverse)

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