Batman Short Released

Directors Harry Kirby and George Kirby have debuted their fan film “Batman: The Bloody Valentine.” Set to the tone of the Joker himself singing a rendition of “When I Fall in Love”, the four-minute short feels like it’s straight out of the comics. A mix of the Killing Joke and Batman:The Animated Series, the Clown Prince of Crime has hostages holed up outside of a warehouse, where he’s about to introduce one of them to a crowbar (we know what he does with that) when the Dark Knight crashes the party.


And if you have a few more minutes, enjoy this great behind the scenes featurette.

Cast/ Crew:

Batman: Joe Gallina

Joker: Nicholas Anscombe

Voice of the Joker: Patrick Girts

Director: Harry & George Kirby

Source: Comic Book Resources

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