Soap Studio presents an all conquering remote control Dark Knight Tumbler

by Damian Fasciani
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If you are an avid collector of all things ‘Dark Knight’ then this is going to blow your socks off! Remember the scene in Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne asked Lucius Fox if the Tumbler came in black? A very quick trip down memory lane.

The answer still is yes! It does come in black, and Soap Studio has created what I’m calling a ‘all conquering’ Tumbler that you have plenty of control over. The Tumbler was Christopher Nolan’s incarnation of the Batmobile in the Dark Knight trilogy and this particular collectible’s size is a decent 1/12th-scale and is remote-controlled. This isn’t your usual RT experience, and ill tell you why.

Soap Studio have incorporated a technological experience with control coming from a mobile application (supports both IOS and Android) where you don’t just drive the Tumbler, but you can also control the cockpit and spoiler! It doesn’t stop there, you also have complete control over the following attributes:

  •  16 Super Bright LED Lights
  • Power Jet Mode
  • Awesome Engine Jet Sound
  • Visual Effects
  • Night vision mode, so you can record your own videos & snap photos while driving the car.
  • Voice Intercom
  • 1:12 Batman Action figure that has 26 movements of articulation (super real)
  • Remote control LED Platform so you can place the Tumbler on display

With most collectables  you can either set them up as a collectible item on the shelf or choose to interact with them. Normally it’s one or other. With this item you can do both, the visual platform that comes with the Tumbler is set up for a visual effect show with its own LED lights giving you a great effect.

The Batman action figure
The back of the Tumbler
Yes, it comes in Black!
Platform LED Lighting
Under the platform
Quality Finishing!
Top of the platyform
Inside the cockpit
Beware, the Dark Knight
They have thought of everything
The entire experience!
Change up the look!

The quality both inside and out is like no other, giving you the highest degree of detail. If you choose to purchase the 1:12 Batman action figure, you can sit him in the cockpit and enjoy the integrated experience.

Soap Studio have created a teaser video that shows some of the remote control capabilities. Enjoy.

Here is a detailed video that delves into the detail of the Tumbler, a must watch!

Awesome, just awesome!

Source(s): & Soap Studio 


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