Have A Look At Ra’s al Ghul On ‘Arrow’

Last night on the 50th episode of the hit TV series Arrow, titled “The Magician”, Matt Nable made his debut as Ra’s al Ghul. It’s been no secret that The Demon’s Head is the main villain of Season 3. I was kind of surprised that the big reveal of the character wasn’t spoiled in any images or trailers even though we all knew he was showing up.

For those who have seen the episode and want a chance to savor some images, or for those who haven’t seen it at all, pictures of both Ra’s al Ghul and Nanda Parbat can be viewed below. It’s too bad his facial hair didn’t quite match his comic book counterpart, though we may still see him grow the trademark beard in the future. Liam Neeson also sported a standard goatee in The Dark Knight Rises. On the plus side, Nable looks more mystical in nature, much like in the comics. The episode was very good, so if you haven’t seen it, visit cwtv.com  to watch it.



Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

Source: Comicbook.com

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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