Batman in first DC Comics “selfie” Variant Cover

by Damian Fasciani
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Some of DC Comic’s biggest superheroes are embracing social media with Batman and Superman featuring in the first “selfie” Variant Cover. DC Comics posted the new Batman/Superman #14 cover on their official Instagram account which you can see here. The cover was designed by artist Paulo Siquiera; it shows Superman who is “all smiles” and the all serious Dark Knight who looks to be putting on a fake smile with the assistance of his mate. 

For the month of August this is the first variant theme we have seen. DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio says, “From the people who brought you Scribblenauts, Steam Punk and Bombshell variant covers, August is Selfies cover month in the DC Universe! Yeah, yeah, I know they’re silly, but that’s the fun of it!”

This variant is due out in October and unfortunately no details have been made public on how to get a copy as yet. The image was posted two days ago and already has 12.4k likes!

You will be able to see more of Paulo’s work on site Deviantart by clicking on the hyperlink above on his name.

Take a look at the selfie below.






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