Original Nightwing Finale

The original Nightwing finale was suppose to be done a different way than the one we saw just the other week. James Tynion IV and Meghan Hetrick were originally suppose to do the issue, and the issue was actually mostly complete. However, this was scrapped in lieu of introducing the new creative team for Dick Grayson’s new book Grayson. Hetrick is now selling her original pages to the final issue of Nightwing vol 3, over 30 pages of original art that has not been seen before, showing how the book was suppose to close. The issue in general seems to be a look back on the long dignified career of Dick Grayson, with plenty of mourners coming out to reminisce about the Man Wonder and how he had an effect on all their lives. From Batgirl to Red Hood and the Outlaws, the issue takes the time to expand on Dick’s past with these characters that have only been hinted at or mentioned briefly in the New 52.

Starfire reminisces about their romantic relationship as well as Roy with his unseen friendship with Dick. Tim and Jason have an emotional moment where they bury their adopted brother along with Batgirl. With the funeral over, Dick is finally buried and it is revealed that Batman has asked Dick to stay dead, and as we see “Dick Grayson” buried, the real Dick Grayson is boarding a plane as himself, setting up for his new ongoing title Grayson. Here are some images of the book, but if you want to see them all, check out the link below.

Source: Wednesday’s Heroes via Newsarama

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