Harley Quinn #5 Preview

by AdamPrince
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Spoiler Alert! Harley Quinn #5 images have surfaced. Here we see Harley Quinn with Sy Borgman formally known as some secret government agent “Syborg” in his younger days grabbing food and strolling down the streets.  After some banter back and forth Borgman hands Harley some files to study up on her mission but they get put to the way side as she goes to see a show. It looks like something interesting is about to happen.

Sure, Harley has made some enemies along the way. So what happens when a bunch of them show up to kill her dead? She kills them right back, of course! You’ve been warned: This issue contains violence.

For anyone that feels like DC Comics are too serious as of late I highly recomind reading Harley Quinn. It gets violent but in a funny way only Harley could bring to the pages. The story telling by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti is great and the artist Chad Hardin has been doing amazing work. Harley Quinn #5 hits stores 4/16/14.

Source-Man Cave Daily

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