Preview: Batgirl #30

by AdamPrince
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Spoiler Alert! Quite a few images have surfaced of Batgirl #30. From what we can see somewhere in Gotham, four kids are up to no good. Out of boredom they are trying to bring to life a dark supernatural figure while we see Batgirl talking to herself as always. At one point she brings up Nightwing. She talks about him in past tense as if he is gone but she is not sure and all of a sudden her EMF reader goes off and she springs into action.

In this issue, after a sinister game gone wrong, Batgirl confronts a supernatural legend risen from the primordial depths: The Midnight Man!

The storytelling from Gail Simone has turned me off from this book for a long time now, but in this issue Marguerite Bennett will be writing with artist Robert Gill penciling for this issue. The cover art from Clay Mann looks amazing. (Side note: Bennett has worked on Batgirl in the past (Batgirl #25) so maybe we can get a small change for at least one issue.)  Batgirl #30 will hit stores April 9.

Source- Man Cave Daily

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