Wearable 1966 Batman Utility Belt by Mattel is Available for Us to Become the Superhero We Always Wanted to Be

Mattel releases an adult-sized 1966 Batman replica utility belt.

There’s a myriad reasons why Batman is Batman, though some of the less educated like to believe that Batman is nothing without his utility belt. It’s true that his utility belt is a very significant part of his resourcefulness as it always seems to hold anything and everything that the Dark Knight will ever need in any given situation, but let’s not forget that he has shown on multiple occasions that he can be just as effective without it. Still though, if anyone were to get their hands on his utility belt, you can bet on the fact that that person will be one formidable, and hopefully responsible, functioning citizen.

Well, it looks like we’re one step closer to achieving such a dream. Fans of the 1966 Batman TV series will be able to rejoice as Mattel has released a wearable, adult-sized replica of Adam West’s utility belt. The belt includes four different pouches and even gives us a foldable plastic Batarang to start you on your quest of stocking your own fully functional utility belt in which to fight crime.

The belt retails at $125 and for that price, the belt and pouches should be indestructible in the face of any supervillain. As a large person, I’m particularly excited to note that this belt is equipped to fit even some of the larger fans. At 43 inches, I can actually wear one! Start your crimefighting career here.

Do you see yourself owning this to wear and/or fight crime in? Or would you prefer another version of the utility belt? Let me know.

Source – MattyCollector (via ComicsAlliance)


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