Hot Toys to Release 1/6th Scale Dark Knight Armory with Bruce, Alfred, and Batman Figures

Hot Toys recently released some photos showcasing their new 1/6th Scale Dark Knight armory.

For those outside of the collecting community (myself included), toys are toys and nothing more. So allow me to attempt to educate some of the uninitiated. Hot Toys, in the toy collecting community, are among the golden standard when it comes to high-end, collectible toys… that are basically works of art. As far as I can see, when it comes to their licensed merchandise, Hot Toys works to ensure that practically every minute detail is carefully accounted for and reflected in their incredible sculpts. We’ve seen several Hot Toys over the years, most notably the ones licensed from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Well, Hot Toys has been working something even more extravagant. Photos released on their Facebook last Thursday depicting their 1/6th Scale Batman armory as seen in The Dark Knight. Yeah, that little transparent cage that you saw in one scene of that spectacular movie. Somehow, Hot Toys has reproduced that, including details that were never actually seen on screen! Well, details that I don’t quite remember.

It looks like there’s going to be three different packages. All the packages contain the armory and Batman figure, while one package includes Alfred, based on Sir Michael Caine, and another package that contains Alfred, Bruce, and Batman.

Take a look:

Look at that detail? It’s quite breathtaking, isn’t it? Unfortunately, Hot Toys has not released any information in regards to its price or release date, so we’ve all just got to wait to own this.

Will you be finding this in your collection any time soon?

Source – Hot Toys (Comics Alliance)

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