Retrospective Peek at Gotham City Concept Art by Mary Locatell

by Luke Wongsuwan
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We may or may not care to remember the Batman and Robin film from 1997, but regardless, the past has myriad ways of resurfacing.  Let’s check out this conceptual artwork by Mary Locatell, a graphics artist who worked on both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.  The films may belong to a completely different generation, perhaps, but that does not negate the value of Locatell’s interesting concept art.  Take a gander.

…almost reminds me of Arkham City’s Amusement Mile, or perhaps Amusement Mile should remind me of this?  Hmm..


original (1)

Something about this screams Bioshock Infinite, despite the decade-plus of time difference. Maybe it’s the red and blue.


original (4)

Who would like to see this as a Wonder Tower replacement in the next Arkham game? Just kidding…mostly..



Reminiscent of Manhattan, perhaps? (Locatell studied fine art in NY before receiving her BA in Art from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio; regardless, we know that Gotham resembles Manhattan, anyway…right?)

Check out the rest of her Batman art here.

Source: io9

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